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Raggedy Sam    By     Sam Marshall







Out and About


My Next Sales event is


Sunday 24th June 11am-3pm

Burton constable food craft and gift market

Free Entry and Parking

Burton constable hall

Skirlaugh, East Yorkshire

HU11 4LN

See Events page for full diary



Please note I am just about booked up with events for the summer of 2018 so am unlikely to be able to attend any more...


Handmade Fairy Houses

These cute little hand crafted houses have taken over my life, every single one I lovingly make is completely unique, some may look similar but I find it impossible to do two the same but that is the nature of art isn’t it and that is why I love it. Hours of care, detail and attention goes into each one, even down to its little gift box.

Each little polymer clay fairy house night light starts its life as a glass jar and sometimes it is the shape of the jar that inspires the style of the house which can be anything from a little toadstool dwelling to a spooky mystical tower. I do not use moulds or any fancy tools other than my hands - I don’t even draw a design; they just seem to evolve as I go along - straight from my imagination.

Windows are cut away into the clay giving them real glass windows and the little light inside shines through. With a flickering light glowing through the windows it looks just like on of our little ethereal friends is at home enjoying a cosy fireside.

I love taking them to markets and craft and artisan fairs, the looks on peoples faces when they see them is just magical and brightens my day.

All polymer clay items are suitable for indoor or outdoor use so my artworks make fantastic decorations for all around the home and garden.


A FAIRY’S house stands in a wood,

Midst fairy trees and flowers,

Where daisies sing like little birds

Between the sun and showers,

And grasses whisper tiny things

About this world of ours.

Such flowers are there beside the way,

Lilies and hollyhocks:

Blow off their stalks to tell the time

Tall dandelion clocks;

While harebells ring an hourly chime

Like a wound musicbox.

Some day shall we two try to find

This strange enchanted place?

Go hand in hand through flowerlit woods

Where living trees embrace—

And suddenly, as in a dream,

Behold a fairy’s face!


Fairyland - Maud Keary

Fairy Doors

Polymer clay fairy door 5 (4) IMAG1081 (2)

Most of the Magical little doors that I make measure only around three inches tall, I like to keep them small so that they will fit neatly onto most modern skirting boards.


Who doesn't want a magical little door in their room, it makes it much easier for the tooth fairy and her freinds to come in and play.


My little doors are tried and tested and are carefully placed in houses and gardens all around the world.


One of my larger doors has even appeared on a local church wall.

Thank you for visiting my website I hope you like it and find the time to have a good browse - and please share...


If you would like to treat yourself or someone you love to a unique piece of my artwork please visit me at a local sales event or visit my Etsy shop which is always open and easy to use.


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