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A little bit About me.....

Everything you see on this website has been completely handmade at home by me... even the website....

I like to make 'things'.

If I can make something out of nothing, all the better.

Because I am so thrifty and dislike shopping I have learned DIY and MIY (Make it yourself), not in a chore kind of way, I absolutely love fixing, making, designing and creating.

I hate the thought of having to pay someone to do something for me, I even do mine and my sons car repairs!

The 'Make do and Mend' pretty much sums me up.

Upcycling, knitting, growing, sewing, sculpting, painting, carpentry and more...

I have been 'Crafting' all of my life and I will turn my hands to most things.

My polymer Clay work seems to have evolved into my signature craft now and is predominant in my work but I still enjoy everything else, variety is the spice of life so they say and it is the case in my life. I can go from seed sowing to card making to sculpting all in one day.


I very recently gave up a career in Hull as a Specialist Biomedical Scientist for the NHS to devote more time to my business, I now work in school so that I have lots more time for RaggedySam. I have had a varied career, from screen printing to cake decorating to playwork and teaching. I have always been creative, from making my own toys as a child to making my own alternative clothes as a teenager.

I grew up in Hull but have always been an outdoors / countryside girl, I now live with my teenage son and old black cat in an old victorian farm house on a working arable farm in East Yorkshire.

My main love is nature, my garden and the countryside but when the weather is bad I can be found tucked up inside messing about transforming piles of fabric, wool, clay and other random bits into anything pretty, interesting or useful.

I am happiest being home alone with my old moggy, crafting and enjoying the peace and quiet in the middle of nowhere.

I set up this site so I can share my hobby and the things I make with you.

My dream was always to be able to  leave my day job and focus entirely on  Raggedy Sam and make it my living, and thanks to all of my treasured customers and people like you it seems that the dream is not too far away.......



Sam Marshall 2016



Buying and selling, Trading and peace of mind

Since setting up my website and social media pages my hobby started to grow as people wanted to buy the things I made, whether it be online or through local fairs, which I am extremely grateful for.

I am as honest as they come so for  the benefit of myself and my customers I have now gone down the small business route.

As I have always done I pay particular attention to the high quality and safety of  anything I make, I only want people to be happy and satisfied with my work.


I, my 'Raggedysam' brand and my products are coverered by full public and product liability insurance and Raggedy Sam is registered officially as a small business with the HMRC.

Full details available on request


Sam Marshall 2016

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