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By Sam, Mar 20 2017 07:51AM

Well after my trials with DAS Air dry clay I was pleasantly surprised, the first item I made took around four days to dry so I made some more and put them in my warm airing cupboard to dry and reduced it to half the time.

I expected the clay to crack if I rushed the drying but this did not happen. As the clay was grey and fibrous when in use I was very pleasantly surprised with the lovely smooth white finish.

If I have any tips it would be to keep a pot of water at your side and keep the clay wet, whilst working rub some water on with fingers or a paint brush. This prevents it drying out whilst modeling and helps to keep the surface smooth.

Painting, I have used Acrylics and water colour paints which go onto the surface vey well, I am yet to varnish them but I will be giving them a good few coats inside and out of outdoor varnish as I plan to keep these prototypes in my garden under the hedge to see how they fair outside. I will keep you informed on that one.

I made the foofs of these houses removable and the windows are cut away so they can have lights inside if required.

Here they are almost finished - A little village under the hedge.

By Sam, Feb 12 2017 10:45AM

Hi all, this morning I am experimenting with something I haven't used before. DAS air drying clay. I read a few reviews online this morning and none were brilliant, saying it was difficult to use. It's odd stuff and quite fibrous and although there is no info on the packaging I have deduced it is a paper based product. Very different to the polymer clay I usually work with as fine detail is tricky but overall it's not too bad. It is sturdy and holds its shape well so i don't need any support like a jar when making a house. It's just white so will need to be painted and glazed but here is my progress so far and i am happy with it for a trial run. Just going to start on a roof. Let's hope it doesn't develop cracks as it dries. I will keep you posted as i go but so far I think I like it especially as weight for weight it is much better value than Fimo.

By Sam, Oct 4 2016 09:09AM

I have been doing a bit of stock taking and updating my website shop. I have a lot of shows and fairs coming up so will be very busy designing and creating lots of new treasures, sadly these will probably not make it to the web shop due to time constraintsand a full time day job so the best way to view and buy my work from now until christmas will be to attend one of my sales events so keep an eye on my events page as it is filling up fast.

By Sam, Sep 12 2016 12:14PM

Just finished adding my newest creations to the site, I love love love these (they are very ME!).

My gothic towers have always been popular and tend to sell quickly at fairs. I recently made a couple of the SteamPunk style houses and took them to my most recent event (The nafferton scarecrow festival) and they gained a lot of attention and both sold before I even photographed them as they were only finished the night before!

By Sam, Jul 3 2014 06:03PM

Well even though our yorkshire weather let us down a bit, I had a good time last weekend at the Little Weighton steam and vintage rally.

Thanks to everyone who liked my things and bought from me.

I met some great people and am looking forward to doing something similar again, I need to replenish my stock first though and I have got lots of new ideas,

However after a tiring week at work this weekend is for me time and I need to catch up with my garden which is in a bit of a sulk because it got no attention last weekend.

Thanks again to all of you that supported me :-)

By Sam, Jun 22 2014 07:43AM

I am very exited to announce my very first craft sale, I have never sold anything I have made before so I am quite nervous.

On the weekend of 28th-29th June 2014 I will be exhibiting at .....

The Little Weighton Steam and Vintage Rally

It will be lovely to have my first sale in my local village and to get some real feedback on my work, I visited the rally last year shortly after i had moved here and it was a great day out.

I will have for sale a large range of items, not all of which are on the website.

I hope to see you there

By Sam, Mar 28 2014 06:07PM

So after a bit of persuassion from my son, here I am creating a website to show my wares to the world. Yes its still empty so far but its all a bit daunting for an old fogey who went to school before calculators were common, never mind the world wide wotsit!

Perhaps I ought to start by taking some pictures.....Mmmh where did I leave the camera...........

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